Methods and approaches to deal with loss of hair

Hair loss in men is more often observed than in women. In such a scenario, though it should have been easier for men to cope with this excruciating process of losing hair, it is not that way-men all over the world need to seek help to address this problem. Changes in testosterone levels, heredity and lack of vital hair growth nutrients are among the more recognized causes for loss of hair. It is important that people experiencing this pressing problem immediately consult their doctors and physicians, who can accurately diagnose the condition and suggest effective hair maintenance and re-growth treatments. Practice the following methodologies for coping with hair loss.

Go for topical treatments

There are ointments are creams that are medically approved, and which when applied to your scalp in the right amounts and properly, can optimize your hair growth. Make sure to read all product specifications and important instructions, before undergoing this type of treatment. It should also be kept in mind that not all ointments will suit your skin-to ensure the proper working of topical treatments, you must consult your doctor about the right product for your kind of hair and its condition, and all given instructions must be followed. The scheduled daily dose of application of the ointments must also not be missed. Maintain regularity and let the ointment dry before applying external styling components.

Oral Medications

This process involves the intake of medicines from the mouth, and these pills work to block the hormone ‘Dyhydrotestosterone’ (DHT), causing hair thinning and loss in men. Be sure however, to abide by your doctor’s specifications, as to when and how you should undergo these medications. Often, continuous oral intake for more than three to six months may be necessary.


Try the cosmetic approach

This procedure involves the use of hair weaves and hairpieces. However, the importance for consulting specialists should never be ignored, since only they can do the procedure accurately for you, giving your hair the look and style you want. Though this sounds easy, it is not. To be able to manage your hair and save it from further damage and the risk of more hair loss, it is always advisable to take the aid of professionals and experts who specialize in hair treatments, and will help you in coping with hair loss.

Hair transplant as the ultimate option

For severe hair loss cases, this is the only procedure that works. This is a much more painstaking and expensive approach to address your receding hair lines. In the case that you have a sky scraping budget, there isn’t much cause for worry. However, if the thought of the pain is unbearable to you, you might reconsider, especially because it takes several transplant sessions before considerable results can be achieved.