Review: Convertpanda Video Downloader grabs any video with a URL

There are lots of video downloaders out there, however, few are as slick plus easy on the eye as standalone utility Video Downloader. The program would download video from any site that you could snag a URL from—and if you are using YouTube plus Firefox, you can even download using a key that the program embeds under the video being viewed. Not bad for a free program

Easy to use interface

“Friendly plus easy-on-the-eye” sums up convertpanda Video Downloader’s interface.

The convertpanda Video Downloader interface could not be simpler. A big “paste” button in the main window pastes any copied URL into the program. You will need to grip the URL from the address bar of your browser, otherwise by some additional manual means. This way makes the program works with any browser, however, it’s also not as suitable as an add-on, for example, Video Download Helper, which I use with Firefox.

Video Downloader interface

The software’s interface is essentially an internet browser by shortcuts to the most popular video-sharing sites, counting YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. You circumnavigate those sites, find the video you want plus click the download key, after which you’ll see a dialogue box approving you want to download that video. When you click OK, the video goes into your download line.

Any format you can use leverages its current video conversion technology (found in the firm’s very accomplished Video Converter) to change download videos if you select. You could either pre-set the alteration settings (the program will change any video to MP3, FLV, WebM, or 3GP) for one-click downloading as well as conversion or select a format for each download.

After you have pasted in a URL and selected the alteration format (if any), it is just a matter of waiting till the video downloads. There is a convenient play button subsequent to each completed download that would launch your default video player.

Not only does this application download videos from the maximum popular sharing sites, but it also works through nearly every video-sharing service you probably use.