Everyone miss their sports life in the schools. But what are the things that keep attach us to the school’s life? Fun during the school life is never forgotten in our entire life. Everyone remember about the playground equipment like swing, slides, seesaw and many more things. Here we talk about those kinds of stuffs. Let’s go for it.

Playground or Play Park generally is a place where children play freely. Modern playgrounds probably have recreational tools such as the seesaw, swing, merry go round, slide, , sandbox, spring rider, chin-up bars, trapeze rings, mazes and playhouses. These all kind of stuff help children to develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as mental coordination. One of the foremost playgrounds is built in San Francisco in 1887. The playground is an integral part of the modern society. The different types of playground equipment for schools are given below.


Add design structure to any playground with new climbing panels. These types of modular panels can be transformed into a variety of climbers, towers, and play structures or as freestanding play activities. In these type of structure, you can use both hands as well as foot. This Playgrounds structure is for kids ages Five to Twelve. These geometric designs come in many colors. It can be contemporary, natural, circus, space-ace and much more!


Climbers are the thing that kids go up and down, over it. The designer should keep in mind about that climbers not be very high and its design must be safe. Many types of climbers are available for playground equipment for schools and the list is here

  • Mobius climbers
  • Nature inspired climbers
  • Aero net climbers
  • Pad climbers
  • Jig jag climbers
  • Climbing wall
  • Cascade climbers and many more

School playground slides and gliders are the enjoyable, fast and fun thing for the school’s children and for the safety point of view slides and gliders must have safety features like slides hooks. Slides and gliders are available in varieties of colors and types. The different types of slides are given below.

  • Curved slides
  • Cozy coaster slides
  • Cloudburst slides
  • Double slides
  • Double swirl slides
  • Wave slides and many more

Swings are the things that add fun motion to the playground with every single kick of the leg. Swings models for the school playground is available from ages Two to Twelve. Swings are also available in vast range of verities that is like

  • Single post swings
  • 2” arch swings
  • 5” arch swings
  • Tire Swings
  • Swing seats
  • Toddler swing and many more