Things Not to Indulge on a Plane

When passengers board a plane, the plan of action is simple. It is reach the destination as pleasantly and safely as possible with lot of perfection. On the other hand, sometimes under any situations, circumstances and conditions passengers indulge in their own way harming the fellow passengers, crew members and entire plane into danger through their silly acts. You can find such stories more on You can read those to be aware of what can be and what shouldn’t be done on a plane. You should always be more courteous and safer traveler.

Do read on in order to learn what not to indulge on a plane:

  • Never try a new medication for the initial time. It is to be remembered that on-board medical assistance is limited so the flight has to make emergency landing at the nearest airport for your medical assistance immediately.
  • Don’t give little or no attention to the safety briefing. Most passengers’ feel on-board briefing is really boring in many aspects.  It is to be highly noted that new passengers listen with interest but frequent flyers totally ignore it.  It is to be remembered that certain details and information may save your life.
  • Don’t joke regarding bombs or any other threats. On-board, none will laugh at your jokes of one-liner regarding guns, bombs, weapons, etc.  A flight attendant has the full authority and right to remove the person who poses a security risk. The crew may alert the next airport and airport based police station and security agencies.


  • Never recline your seat suddenly during mealtimes. Whenever you witness the food and drink carts begins rolling down the aisles, it is better to make your seat in upright position so that the person behind you can have space for indulging in dinning activities.   You must strictly follow the etiquette of elbow room and seat backs.
  • Never eat stinky food and drink. You shouldn’t have a plate of onion rings or a tuna sandwich.   It is to be remembered that bad breath will give inconvenience for your seatmates and make you uncomfortable for the rest of the flight.
  • Never indulge in drinking too much onboard. In case, if you indulge in disorderly behavior then you will be removed from passenger cabin and arrested on arrival at the airport.

With, you can wholeheartedly share you travel experience and provide tips to passengers in a helpful manner. Your stories with in-sight and tips will help others to a great extent.