Tiny blood bombs

Not immediately visible to the naked eye, these little creatures can crawl all over your house, esp. the bed and bite you. They are tiny wingless creatures full of blood that they suck out of you. These pests are called bed bugs.

These pests use CO2 to track you. Humans exhale CO2 and thus they attack most while you are sleeping. It acts like a magnet for the bed bugs. They crowd around beds and the places you sit. This property is used by some pest repellent devices, which mimic CO2 release by humans to attract these pests.

You are more likely to get bitten when you sleep. They first numb the nerves in the target spot with some chemical and then inject a blood sucking tube. Thus, you don’t even realize when they bite and it may take three- four days for the red swellings to show.


These bugs are not easy to detect. They are not immediately visible as they hide during the day time, esp. in places with a lot of sunlight. Even red marks when they appear may not prove that it has been caused due to bed bugs. As there are several other mites and small insects, which can cause such marks. There are bug detectors available in the market as well as sniffer dogs, which can help detect bed bugs.

The best option to prevent a bed bug infestation is to prevent them from attacking you. They could latch on to you during your travels. They could be in any hotel; hostel; trains or taxi seats. They could leave their larvae anywhere on your person or belongings. If staying in hotel or hostel room, check the mattresses and bed corners, before you use it. When at home, you could cover your mattresses and couch, etc. with protectivesheets.

There are a number of methods of getting rid of a bed bug infestation. However, none of these are short term methods. A combination of pest control and preventive measures is always a good option. You can also scrape them off walls or beds after applying pesticides. You will have to do this for three to four months or as per the treatment plan, till you get rid of all the bugs. You can also change the temperature to very hot or use dry steamers.

Bed bugs are dangerous but not impossible to get rid of. You just have to kill them in a systematic manner.