What supplies are necessary for home brewing

There are many people who like to brew their own beer even today. They do this using one of the two methods for home brewing, extract or All-grain brewing. In order to choose between one of the methods, the following things are taken into consideration.

1- Extract brewing is less time-consuming at an average of 2.4 hours. All-grain brewing can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours for just one batch.

2- Home brew supplies for Extract brewing are less bulky and less in number. All-grain equipment is large and bulky and tends to take considerable space.

3- Usually, those who learn homebrewing start with extract brewing and once they have learned it they start all-grain brewing as extract brewing is both easier and teaches the basics of the brewery.

Homebrewing equipment

Whichever brewing method is being used, the following home brew supplies will be needed.

1- Brew Pot- This is the pot for boiling the wort. Bigger size brew pots help in avoiding boils and stains.

2- Grain Bags- For All-grain brewing, a brewer needs specialty bags.

3- Fermenter- Bigger size containers to let the brew sit comfortably and ferment.

4- Air Lock & Stopper- This is the cover used to cover the beer in order to prevent substances like bacteria from entering it while still allowing carbon dioxide to come out.

5- Brew Buckets- These can be used for measuring the water used in the brew.

6- Spoon- It is preferable to have a long-handled spoon for stirring when necessary. A stainless steel spoon is better than wooden or plastic as they could contain bacteria.

7- Auto-Siphon and Tubing- These help in transferring the wort from the pot to the fermenter and then to a boiling bucket. A 4 to 5 feet 3/8 inch tube is ideal.

8- Bottle Wand and bottles- The Wand assists in storing the beer in the bottles.

9- Sanitizer- This is to sanitize the equipment after the beer is made.

Special All-grain equipment

1- Mash Tun– Converted water coolers are used to make Mash Tuns. These are available in the market

2- Wort Chiller- Wort Chiller cools the wort quickly and reduces the brewing time.